It’s too hard to breathe at sometimes when I cannot see me right.A road is so long for me to take up with these my little strength.That road is what I want to walk to win a prize.That’s why I came for it here just to find myself to see right.

First blog post

We Are Gonna Be OK!

Hold on, don’t let go of your soul away
I’m here with you. You can’t see me but I am here for you.
And I know for sure that you are gonna be ok.
It is just the matter of the time.
We have been through this a lot.
Yeah, of course! You are stronger than what you think you are.
I know you are gonna make it.
You are the fighter.
We are the fighters.
We will make it together.
There are several people out there as same as us.
We all are together in hearts.
We all hope the same.
We all are gonna be ok.
We are here as a team.
We love you and we never leave you.
You aren’t alone.
This battle we are fighting, fighting for our future.
We are in this together.
We are loved and cared by each other.
We will be still alive in each heart even though we are killed.

#WhatsHappeningInMyanmar #MilitaryCoup

Melody in Morning

I put earphones on and turned on the music. There instrumental music kept going. I was figuring out which one should be piano, which one was violin and many more… Music made me smile which I had lost throughout of the year. And my soul came back to me by this music. I was walking in the air. I was picturing a stage show that orchestra was entertaining numerous people. I played there, violin, piano and drums which I love. Sometimes I became someone who was in the crowd. I was happy. I felt happiness again. I still get happy while I am writing this letter. I am yes, happy!

I felt each movement of the melody. Oh! I was there dancing too. It was like I seemed as light as wind, my body was floating to be able to move every movement that I needed and wanted. Oh God! I was happy to doing that. I was wearing a smile all the time but I knew it was authentic coming from the heart. I was just amused by music and that moment I found out my smile and felt freedom actually like ever since before.

Best memory of 12th April 2021, 10:40AM, Yangon Time

Real Lives In Real Harmony

This is the photo which I took from my photo walk in Dala which takes 10 minutes boat ride from Pansodan Jetty in Yangon, Myanmar. These are the people from the market. My friend and I walked through that market and enjoyed taking photos of them. They live truly. I guess so. They have no urgent appointments or the meeting agendas. They make their business as the way they want to. Wow! This is incredible. They enjoy life that they have. They laugh freely. They argue so loud. They eat meals together. They gossip but do it positively. They talk louder than who work for the company. Their time is meaningful.

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I am Unstoppable.

My name is what they call. But never noted which I don’t cherish. That’s how I run. Days are passing by and I come to realize sometimes I need to make others believe for what they would like to be. Just for the moments, knowing what is not myself, I think I gain super waste but yeah.. keeping on is somehow the best answer. What? “Love more, trust less” Oh alright, I am sure of those things to play in life.

The right decision for the wrong reason can drive me crazy but it can also lead me to the paradise. So, I change for myself and mine turned to the better philosophy. Vivid dreams? I don’t know whether I had or am having or will have… Sometimes knowing nothing becomes not bad, huh? I think so. I have ever lost to do or go or accept something. Then, I always find the ways back to move on. Why? I always seek how to live. I am unstoppable. Yes, I am what I am. I love myself. I make things happen for myself and others which I would like to.

Whispering so loud isn’t working. Sometimes you have to be more careful of it. You need to scream out loud without any words. But just be wild with respect. Being brave enough to accept yourself is the thing can save you from the negative hole.

You are going to be a link of your soul and yourself.

A Happy Person

Last night was over
Today is a new beginning.Who am I to write this?
Who am I to teach the kids lives?
Who am I to be a happy one?I was supposed to always become a successful person.
Time passing by, I learnt to become a happy person instead of being anything else.
There I stood, there I fell down to the ground.
There I got up, there I saw the chance that I became.So I am here breathing in and out.
I am here making mistakes and learning through.
I am here seeking the meaning of my existence.
I am here making my track actually happen like I want.The way I passed had scars but they were beauitful to teach me how to gain happiness back from every struggles.I am still alive.
Yes, I am a survivor.
I am happy.#happy

တိတ်ဆိတ်ခြင်း – Silence


သူ့ကို သဘောကျတယ်။ သူ့ဆီက လာခဲ့လို့။

မျက်လုံးတွေ ဖွင့်လိုက်ရင်တောင်

ပိန်းပိတ်အောင် မှောင်နေခြင်းကို နှစ်သက်တယ်။ သူ့ဆီက လာခဲ့လို့။

တည်ငြိမ်မှုတွေဆီ ဦးတည်လို့ ရွေ့လျားနေတယ်။ ထိတွေ့မှုဆိုတာ စိမ့်၀င်ဖြတ်သန်းလျက်

ရုပ်၀တ္ထု မရှိဘူး။

နာမ်သက်သက်သာပဲ …

မျက်လုံးအစုံဟာ ဖွင့်ခြင်း၊ ပိတ်ခြင်း အရာနတ္ထိ တသားတည်းသာ။


ခံစားချက်တွေနဲ့ ရှေ့ဆက်တိုးနေလျက် …

In English below


I liked him. I’ve come from him.

If the eyes are open, they like to get dark, I’ve come from him.

Moving forward to stability. The exposure is through the siege

There is no material.

It’s just spirit.

The eyes are open, The closure is just the same.

I feel that.

Feeling full of emotion …


My Existence What I live

I live #liveWhen I don’t know where to go, I follow with my feet as I truly believe they can lead such a number of stunning and wonderful places which I might cherish. I love my feet so damn much. They are still with me. They bestand as the parts of my body as well as the parts of my soul which bring me where I would like to go. I can’t thank them enough for giving me what I want. Life is not

what the other people see about you. Life is what you see yourself and respect everything in your boundary. Most importantly, you must know to live well to have a good life. Existing is so easy but living isn’t. Of course I have ever blamed the bad things I had as I wanted to get a good life. I have cried for the thing I did not have. I have said myself “I’m useless” for I failed whatever I wanted to win. I have thought I was not loved when my heart had been broken for the first time.Whatever it takes, I found out myself.Well, I wrote down everything bad about I felt as I had no one to share with at those difficult times. By doing that, I relieved a litle bit. I kept doing it several times. And I tried to write my solutions for my problem afterwards. I saw it worked a lots. Yes, it did! Later, I found out one thing that I am now used to doing. That is “walking”. Yes, whenever I feel happy, void, sorry, sad and lonely, I let myself walk without knowing destination. I walked and walked and walk…I feel great. I feel it. I see every single second this world could consent me to witness such as nature, stranges, buses, cars, trains, flights over my head, roads, animals, places, shouting, laughing, crying, jumping and playing along my walks. What most I see are kept in photograph. I see my existence by return. It is lovely and beautiful. It is happy now. It feels thankful to whatever it gets whether good or bad. It is now amusing to be the acceptance.Life is moving on. It actually is. We can’t stop living at one time zone, a moment, a timeline which makes us feel upset and depressed. It will certainly be over. Sure thing, we will be alright afterwards. Mostly, we will have the chance to get a better life after making it through. Bad things always come, why not, it is its business. It does as its way. We needn’t surprise that much. But sometimes, when there such a big trouble introduces our life, it is very hard. Even so, that’s ok we can suffer from it, fall down and cry. But never forget to get up from those nightmares. It can ruin your life once or a couple of times. Nevertheless you are more powerful than it. Your mind has such an incredible power of nothing lasts longer attachment. That is you. That is your power. You can always get up from your falling and prove how powerful you are.So far I understand my existence and also ensure my value. So, I can’t help loving to live truly. Yes, nobody can stop me. I am unstoppable.


Because … I live!

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Your True One – Monica

Sarah I

Her name is Sarah

. She is suffering from loneliness. She feels lost. She has been coming after the money. Because she knows how happy she can gain by money. So, she works hard very much.

She is a strong lady. She is very strong. She sometimes forgets to say ‘ I am tired.’ though she gets really exhausted. She never cries in front of the others. She does not want others to see her crying. She encourages others and they always trust her.

People always see her a happy person. They suppose she never has any problem in her life. They want to be like her. She is always smiling. She is able to keep calm even everything turns upside down.


Who knows what the biggest secret things are being hidden behind her big smiles?

She sometimes wants to cry.
She sometimes wants to be hugged by someone and told ‘You have me.’
She sometimes wants to walk away from everything around her.
She sometimes wants to scream out and say ‘ I’m too tired enough to end life.’
She sometimes wants to be held by a gentleman’s firm hand and feel warm.

She wanted to be loved so she gives other loving kindness as best as she can.
She knows how terribly hard it is when someone falls down and no one can help to pick up so she is trying to save others from the depression as best as she can.

She needs love.
She needs to be loved.
She needs happiness.

She is me.

I want a big hug right now.

I am so tired of being alive.

I just want to end up.

Oct 2nd