Watch “Shallow (Cover song)” on YouTube

Are you happy in this modern world??? I love this question a lots and suppose that is the reason why I sang ‘Shallow’ as a cover song on youtube as above link. Sure, we mostly live by flowing in this modern world without knowing sometimes as if we are actually happy like what the way […]

Me : A Special BEING

Trying is to hold my breath softly when I see I am different. Remembering is to keep my soul with my body when I feel small and huge. Rewarding is to give myself a good place which I suppose to relax with a book plus nice latte. Here I go There I reach Nothing much […]

In my thoughts…1

In my thought, you are in amazing without asking. I like to be alive then, nobody needs clap. In my thought, I am happy without getting from I like being something meant to them. In my thought, sometimes, I even have no idea what I am thinking still Is it correct or wrong? What is […]


There is always something I keep thinking of myself, specially about my existence. I was born on a date of many years ago and now still breathing in and out with this body. Is that a body that I really own or is that a body that someone owned ever before me? I am not […]

On Cloud 9

I wish you had a merry Christmas! I love Christmas so much. Yes, I really do. Why? Every Christmas gives me something very special for the rest of my life. Last Christmas, I have got a very romantic evening spending time together with someone wiith Hazel eyes. He is so lovely. I like him so […]