You Who Read Me — Making it write

In fledgling days when I obeyed the angle of light, my sky side woke at night, describing lives I had never known, written on stolen pages torn from school notebooks, secrets and stories to be stored deep in the left hand drawer. My earth side spun in the sunshine, spilling glee over barn yards and […] […]

I Want No!

I dreamt about someone last night. I remember that person in many times in these a couple of days.  I don’t want it. I don’t go past again. I just really want to forget all about it. I asked for my soul but I suppose she didn’t even take a notice to hear. Why does […]

I Am Now Happy

You kept away my breathe Wondering it’s your next track? You no deserve with true Love. Oh so sorry! Just to say like a cover way like you ever do. You said ” I Love You” in a normal way. Oh darling, that’s not special for you to pretend always Finally, you showed up the […]

Matter To Timeline

At first, I thought I was nothing better than them. I saw all dark. I heard all blank. I was sitting under the silent stars. Then, I found out nothing. I got less to the zero. Secondly, I picked a mirror and let myself see on that. My face was like odd in old. My […]

I Love You

I have never thought before that he came and loved me. Now it truly happens to me. OMG!!! It must be true to say that I could not get greedy for it from him. He is really a good guy. I never consider that I deserve him. He gets smarter of thinking than everyone that […]


It is so wonderful that I thought I couldn’t get. Bright is too high enough of considering the unique. Never come back to thee things are finishing decide. However something may left for something. There is always something between us. Sparkling wears the most beautiful dress in the world. Just like doing in the universe, […]